Monday, 19 November 2012


Oberhofer Talk Turning to the Dark Side, Why People Are Scared of Hi-Fi and Painting with Your Own Sh-t

Courtesy Oberhofer
Dressed in a shimmery purple button-down, Brad Oberhofer looks like he’s either channeling Prince for his band’s biggest show in Los Angeles to date, or going to a costume party with a ‘70s theme. He runs his hand through a mop of brown curls. “A fan gave me this shirt after our show last night,” he says. Since he self-released his first single, “o0Oo0O0o,” in 2010, Oberhofer has attracted that kind of devotion with his raucous and inventive danceable punk music — and it didn’t hurt that indie gods like Neon Indian and Matt & Kim asked he and his band to open for them. By the time independent label Glassnote Records unleashed Oberhofer’s debut album,Time Capsules II, the buzz had reached a fever pitch. Later that night, as the charismatic Oberhofer bounces like a pogo across the stage and we watch people literally being turned into fans, we wonder just how large that gift collection will get.

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